Updating your content

Why update your content?

All content, text, video, images, illustrations, infographics, etc., has an expiration date. Sooner or later, it will lose its relevance, no longer match your digital strategy, include old references or redirect to pages that no longer exist.

That’s why regular updates are essential! Otherwise, you risk a loss of traffic and credibility, not to mention coherence…


Update plan for your content

Together, we implement an operational and detailed roadmap to update your content.

  • Audit of existing content and update criteria

  • Inventory of content requiring updating, workflow and update schedule

  • Rewriting of text formats: updating of links, information, rewriting of slogans, renewed wording

  • Graphic and visual updating: adaptation to new graphic charts, illustration updates


Les Navigauteurs are on watch duty…

Content updating requires constant vigilance: a watchful eye on information and data with best-before dates, follow-up of modifications in your graphic and editorial chart, etc. We keep our eyes peeled for you!

Les Navigauteurs implement a specific monitoring process for your multi-media content and set alerts for ongoing updates.