Set your sights on content recycling!

Did you say ‘sustainable’?

Sustainable content is content that adapts, and is able to maintain its relevance over time and in all media types.

The digital world is constantly changing and demanding higher quality content. Just like with duplicate content, search engines are now waging a war against obsolete content. Guard against a plethora of pages on the same site!

By streamlining your content policy, you will be more effective and make considerable savings. You will also do a big favour for the internet which is often overloaded with out-of-date information.


How to inject sustainability into your content?
  • By bringing it up to date: we update the information, wording, visuals, tone, the commercial call-to-action… for content that is always relevant

  • By redeveloping it: we enhance the impact of existing content, adapting it to multiple formats and distribution channels: for example from text to infographics, or from a website to social networks, etc.


Relax: we’ll take care of everything

It’s all very well to encourage sustainable thinking, but in practice it requires a great deal of organisation and time to transform existing content. With Les Navigauteurs, the sustainable management of your content starts right away: we develop a custom-made sustainable content process for you, and we also take care of your updating and redevelopment projects.