Content redevelopment

Why redevelop your content?

Content redevelopment involves distributing existing content using different media and/or different formats.

This procedure allows you to maximise your ROI. By favouring multimedia distribution, you achieve a greater return on the work previously invested of each piece of content: research, storytelling, graphic creation, etc.

Another advantage: you reinforce the coherence of your message. Your editorial and graphic axis is preserved and modified for all your materials.

Is the distribution plan the key to redevelopment of your content?

The content redevelopment logic must come into play early on in your content strategy. As early as possible, we identify the redevelopment potential of each content, according to the special features of each media type: website, mobile site, social networks, email, etc.

Each statement is part of a multi-media distribution plan.

The production side of redevelopment

Once the distribution plan is defined, we begin to implement it:

  • On port side, we adapt content to different media, for example transforming a background report into a mobile-ready article
  • On starboard, we diversify the format of the same content, for example by transforming text into video or an infographic


Mending the ship is what we do at Les Navigauteurs

Redeveloping content means continually adapting and reinventing oneself. It’s what Les Navigauteurs are all about.