Training Formation


If you wish to sail solo, Les Navigauteurs won’t hold you back. We’ll show you how to steer the ship so you can be plain sailing!

Our training kit is adapted to your goals and needs:

  • Workshops dedicated to the ‘editorial committee’: launch workshops, workflow implementation, advanced classes for already established committees

  • Training in ‘content creation/updating’: SEO-optimised web writing, multiformat redevelopment of content, creation of multimedia content, data visualisation

  • Training in ‘community management’ (three-month coaching programme): from strategy-building and social media chart to the first reporting period

  • And since content is a unifying topic, we’ve developed a dedicated team building and internal communication seminar called: ‘How to unite your employees around a content creation project’

We adapt the training method and duration to your structure and processes.

We can also offer you custom-built training courses and workshops, to respond to the needs that we identify together. Lets’s talk !