Measuring Performance

KPIs, reporting for duty!

Since everything has a Return on Investment (ROI), even content, we guide you in the selection of your KPIs and measuring the performance of executed actions.

Your goals and indicators

 The choice of your performance indicators will obviously depend on the goals set earlier on.

Here’s a KPI overview that we use – and then keep track of:


Is content’s ROI always measurable? Les Navigauteurs’ perspective:

Content’s ROI is not always immediate and is sometimes difficult to calculate, because content will also affect the purchase funnel further along the line.

That’s why it’s so important for us to reflect fully before choosing your KPIs:

  • What do we aim to achieve with the content?

  • Who is it targeted at? (management, marketing, finance, etc.)

  • What message do we wish to send? (profitability of shares, savings made, brand awareness, etc.)