Editorial Committee

Content is a huge endeavour, we’re with you on that one!

You intuitively feel that it’s going to be hard to manage this challenge alone. Rest assured though, you’re in good company!

Your contributors, the brains of your committee

The editorial committee includes every Tom, Dick and Harry… and you. The content is the business of everybody in your organisation. By working together, your brand will speak with a single and coherent voice all the way down to the email signatures.

Together we’ll mobilise your organisation’s players around your strategy and content and harness their collective efforts.

You won’t miss any key information and your contributors will feel truly involved in the production of your content strategy. A real win-win relationship… which at the end of the day will directly benefit your customers!

How does an editorial committee work?

All the actors involved in your content strategy (in other words, your editorial committee, if you’ve been following…) should touch base on a regular basis to review the previously created roadmap.

This event, generally every fortnight, helps to speed up the workflow and it gives your teams a global vision of the strategy and its progression.

  • What are the focal points?

  • What adjustments should be made?

  • Has your editorial planning fallen behind schedule?

  • What are the next steps?

  • How do the KPIs stand?

  • What are the developments and latest trends in content marketing?

(Nowadays, the digital world is constantly changing, so we must keep on top of these developments and respond to them quickly)


And where do Les Navigauteurs fit in among all of this?

We guide you throughout the establishment of the editorial committee and we run the launch workshops.

When your editorial committee sets sail, we can stay on board and spur them on.

As for well-established editorial committees, we run workshops dedicated to improving how they work. It’s about constant improvement!