Content Marketing

Which roadmap should you use for your content strategy?

You can’t have missed it… Content marketing has become a key concept amongst marketers and communicators. Do you view it as yet another meaningless catchphrase, here today, gone tomorrow? Well, think again! Content marketing opens up vast new horizons for you to discover.

Creating value-added content, which is both useful and relevant for users, gives your brand heightened visibility and wider recognition, and sets you clearly apart from your competitors. In other words, content marketing is now something that you can’t afford to do without!

So, before planning your content, before creating it, and before distributing it… let’s take a step back and have a think

Let’s get things straight: what are your strategies? What are your values? What message do you want to get across and to whom?

Whether you’re a B2C or a B2B brand or organisation, it’s worth keeping in mind what your target audience is looking for:


Crucial Steps

Are you ready to take the plunge? Here is your checklist:

  • #1: set yourself clear and specific goals

Exposure, reputation, engagement, conversion, building customer loyalty … got it?

  • #2: learn to identify your audience

Your targets: B2B or B2C? Experts or amateurs? Young or old?

  • #3: Choose your market! Don’t overlap with your competitors…

Your positioning: Brand DNA, brand territory…

  • #4: Take stock of your existing resources

Content produced and expiry dates, means of distributing information…

  • #5: Invest in the media which will reach your audience and design formats to win them over

Which media? Websites, magazines, mobile websites, social networks, etc. Which format? Photo, comic strip, text, animation, video, etc.

Through Les Navigauteurs’ telescope

Your digital adventure includes the creation of meaning and the building of a coherent digital identity.

Think about it before taking to the seas!