Special Campaign

Special campaigns to develop your community!

So your social media strategy is going swimmingly and your fans are loyal and tuned in. But you want to reach an even wider audience (and keep your fans hooked)?

Let’s implement a plan to boost your fans/followers and enrich your community!

From ideas to distribution

There’s no secret recipe for increasing the number of fans/followers you have on your pages. Although creativity sure helps!

We build exclusive and original operations together with you, based on your brand DNA: viral apps, social media competitions, inter-platform operations, etc.

And to boost visibility, we create an equally creative and coherent distribution plan, including media buying. Let us guide you: we prioritise your campaigns and your budget according to your goals in order to maximise your ROI.

All hands on deck!

Our consultants, designers and developers plan out all of your operations, from start to finish: conceptualisation, zoning, wording, design, development, revenue, entertainment, purchase of ad space, distribution, and performance monitoring, of course!