Social media guidelines

What is the point of having guidelines?

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vine… not to mention LinkedIn and Viadeo. To increase exposure of and engagement with your brand, you must exist on social networks.

But there’s no use making up your message on the spot. To create opportunity for dialogue and get people talking about you, a planning phase is necessary. The objective is to design a reference document to guide you step-by-step in your social media strategy.

Specifically what does a social media guidelines look like?

It’s an attractive deliverable that will be useful to all those involved (whether internal or external) in your editorial projects. It helps ensure you put your best foot forward in social networks.

Your guidelines focuses on your existing materials and defines your intervention strategy. We will establish the following:

  • Stocktake: audit of E-reputation, benchmarks, goals, targets

  • Choice of social networks to invest in and subsequently linking them

  • Outlining your message on each network: tone, style, content and formats, illustrations, etc.

  • Workflow

  • Schedule of publications

  • Production of sample roadmaps

  • Establishment of KPIs

It’s a unique, precise and effective document, which helps to keep everyone on the same page… literally!

Let us charm their socks off…

For Les Navigauteurs, the most important thing is to create a coherent voice, adapted to each network and its audience. That’s the key to engaging with your community and above all winning them over.