Digital PR

Why call on the services of influencers?

The famous ‘influencers’ (bloggers, reviewers, web journalists, etc.) have become real opinion leaders that shape consumer choice.

To reach their sphere of influence, you must build a relationship with them based on trust and closeness.

What partnerships do we set up?

We take care of setting up your contact directory. In order to do that, we target influencers according to the following:

  • The editorial line that suits your brand DNA

  • The readership that matches your target

There are several options available for you to design the operation’s mechanics: inviting influencers to try out your new products or services, having them participate in a VIP event, giving them access to exclusive news, etc.

We make sure your contacts enjoy a real brand experience! They will provide quality sponsored posts for you and will share these experiences with those within their sphere of influence.

A quality relationship with your influencers

After negotiating and organising partnerships, we accompany your influencers on a daily basis: in terms of relationships, information provision, material, etc.

We will be focused on your campaign: we assess the media impact from your actions closely, we build up publication clippings and we adapt your digital PR for future operations!