Community management


Putting the theory into practice

Have you defined your social media chart yet? It’s time to activate your social networks.

Your community is demanding: they want immediate responses, fan benefits, prizes and more. Don’t disappoint them! Our key words are closeness and responsiveness.

How does your community management come into this? 

We accompany you in the implementation of your community management:

  • Creation of monthly roadmaps: periodic features on set themes, current events, live discussions, quizzes, etc.

  • Publication on your social networks

  • Facilitating activities and responding to fans and followers

  • Reporting and adjusting your community management

Les Navigauteurs, catering to you

We adapt our solution to your needs:

Multilingual and comprehensive community management

We can also manage communication with your community on all your social networks: from designing roadmaps to producing your reports, our specialised and multilingual community managers will take care of everything!


There’s another option: we can steer your community manager through the rough seas of the digital world. We can design the roadmaps together and carefully examine the daily interactions on your pages. We guide you in the adjustment of your community management… to achieve ever more likes, +1, retweets and repins!