Visuals  visuel

How come the visual element is so effective?

Visuals are an essential tool in digital marketing: 90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual!

By showcasing images, graphs, photos and drawings, you capture the attention of your audiences and convey your message in a heartbeat.


The image in your digital communication arsenal

To enhance your communication, we must reinforce the visual impact of each and every part of your content. This includes inserting images into your articles, adding photos to your product descriptions, and systematically illustrating your involvement in social networks, etc.

But the visual dimension is also a format in its own right, which gives us attractive content with great potential to go viral: data visualisation, photo montage, mood boards, slideshows, etc. Our creativity is at your service!


Les Navigauteurs at the helm

So, do you get the picture? We take the creation of inspiring and engaging visual content very seriously:

  • Iconographic research: We select the images that best complement your text formats

  • Photography: Are you sick of paid photo databases? Our photographers create a tailor-made image base just for you…

  • Tailor-made format design: slideshows, mood boards, photo montages, photomosaics… We offer high value-added graphic creations to satisfy your visual requirements

  • Infographics and data visualisation: let your figures and data do the talking. We turn your information into editorials and scripts for effective presentations that go viral!

  • Illustrations and comic strips: your brand’s story told through art? You are going to fall in love with the brush strokes of our creative genius!