Videos and animations  vidéo et animation

Why you can no longer afford to ignore the potential of video

There’s no shortage of reasons why. Here are just six of them:

  • Video is the most engaging format

  • Mobile phone users view a great deal of videos

  • By 2017, around 70% of internet traffic will be generated by video (source: Cisco Systems )

  • Your videos increase the likelihood of making a purchase by 64 %

  • Video is a format which is easy to share and pass on in all media: websites, mobile websites, social networks, newsletters, etc.

  • When correctly optimised, videos can improve your referencing


What type of video is best adapted to your digital communication?

That depends on your strategy and your resources. Let’s think about this properly: who are you talking to? What is your brand’s positioning, and what tone do you want to give to your video messages? Apart from your website, where else should you invest (Youtube, Vine, your mobile site)?

There are a variety of formats available and we’ll make sure you get the best out of your armoury: interviews/personal stories, tutorials, purchase guides, product presentations, webinars, video news releases, interactive videos, etc. All the tools you need to win over users of mobile and web!


Silence please, Les Navigauteurs’ cameras are rolling

To enhance your communication with show-stopping videos, Les Navigauteurs are with you on deck for smooth sailing:

  • We define your editorial strategy for videos

  • We accompany you in the choice of formats

  • We take care of the scriptwriting and we write the production briefings

  • We design your animations

  • We produce your videos: filming, editing, wardrobe design, calibration, sound mixing, encryption for uploading, etc.