Why is text essential?

Text is still the standard format for positioning your brand. Without text, how would you establish a good position in search engine results?

To gain the trust of your audience, you should also offer concrete, useful and sincere information of flawless accuracy… And text allows you to share your message with the greatest level of detail!

The language used must be spot on! Well-chosen wording enhances your communication, reveals new dimensions, and sets the tone.


What is our approach to web writing?

We favour concise and effective formats, we choose attention-grabbing titles, we organise information, according to its importance, to guide your readers, and we adopt a style and tone that is coherent with your strategy… For us, quality is the key to your success!

We also believe that your texts should be written by authors who know about the industry you’re in: authenticity and expertise come first. We choose specialised writers for each of your projects, thus ensuring content written by passionate people.

In order to achieve impeccable deliverables, we focus our attention on the editorial office. Our process ensures zero errors and content which is always SEO-optimised.

Les Navigauteurs guarantee a flawless editorial quality; we are typo-hunters, masters in SEO-optimised content, purveyors of ready-to-use tools of editorial seduction!


Les Navigauteurs’ advantage: a range of formats as vast as the ocean…

To captivate your audience, we offer you an infinite array of formats. There’s just one limit: our imagination (and thankfully we have a very fertile one)!

  • Magazine-style articles

  • Special reports

  • Interviews

  • Tutorials

  • Summary guides

  • Key facts

  • Handy hints, tips and tricks

  • Top/flop

  • Quizzes/tests

  • Reports

  • Agendas

  • Editorials, etc.

We select a variety of text formats adapted to your strategy… and let the words speak for themselves, full of creativity and rigour.