Mobile Content

Why consider mobile formats?

 By 2018, mobile data traffic will have multiplied by 11! (Source: Cisco Systems). Smartphones and tablets continue to gain ground on conventional desktops and laptops. To stay in the game, you must invest in these media with high-quality, adapted content. Destination: the mobile world!


Let’s consider mobile internet users!

To be more effective, we adapt your content to the special features of the mobile internet: smaller screens, touch screen systems, displays of one window at a time, mobility, incompatibilities (Flash formats), etc.

But keep in mind: these considerations aren’t just about ergonomics! It’s also about becoming more attuned with mobile practices, trends and codes. We’re at your side, rethinking the editorial line of your messages, the tone, the choice of information to include, helping you to push the right buttons of mobile internet surfers.


Mobility, Les Navigauteurs’ State of Mind

Les Navigauteurs, born adventurers, accompany you step-by-step in the unveiling of your mobile message:

  • Stocktake and audit of your mobile content

  • Outlining of your editorial strategy for mobile

  • Creation of media: responsive design, mobile site, apps, etc.

  • Adaptation of your existing content to the mobile format

  • Creation of original content that’s adapted to your target audience and their mobile usage